Mother (1925)

Mother (1925) DVDRip

Director: [ Jacques Feyder ]
Stars: [ Jean Forest, Victor Vina, Pierrette Houyez ]
Genres: [ Drama, Mystery, Romance ]
A man whose wife has died remarries, and his new wife has a daughter of her own from a previous marriage. The man’s young son, however, who loved his mother deeply and misses her terribly, …

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Vier um die Frau (1921)

Vier um die Frau (1921) DVDRip

Director: [Fritz Lang]
Stars: [ Hermann Böttcher, Carola Toelle, Lilli Lohrer]
Genres: [Drama]
Harry Yquem, a wealthy broker, remains obsessed with delusions of his devout wife’s infidelity.

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Tuvalu (1999)

Tuvalu (1999) DVDRip

Director: [Veit Helmer]
Stars: [ Denis Lavant, Chulpan Khamatova, Philippe Clay ]
Genres: [ Comedy, Drama, Romance]
In a desolate and colorless landscape stands a dilapidated bathhouse run by a puffed-up blind man, his long-suffering wife, and their son Anton, who does all the work. He’s lonely and …

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Träumerei (1944)

Träumerei (1944) DVDRip

Director: [Harald Braun]
Stars: [Hilde Krahl, Mathias Wieman, Friedrich Kayßler ]
Genres: [Drama, Musical ]

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Transfer – Der Traum vom ewigen Leben (2010)

Transfer – Der Traum vom ewigen Leben (2010) DVDRip

Director: [ Damir Lukacevic ]
Stars: [ B.J. Britt, Regine Nehy, Ingrid Andree ]
Genres: [ Drama, Sci-Fi]
In a futuristic society where the wealthy get to live forever by swapping bodies with refugees, an elderly couple explores this opportunity with harsh consequences.

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Totem (2011)

Totem (2011) DVDRip

Director: [ Jessica Krummacher ]
Stars: [ Marina Frenk, Natja Brunckhorst, Benno Ifland ]
Genres: [Drama]
Fiona and the Bauer family. Five people in an end-of-terrace house. A young woman finds work as a housekeeper for the Bauer family. The rules of the house are explained quickly. She is to …

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Ich, Tomek (2009)

Ich, Tomek (2009) DVDRip

Director: [Robert Glinski]
Stars: [Filip Garbacz, Bogdan Koca, Dorota Wierzbicka-Matarelli ]
Genres: [ Drama]
Tomek is 14 and a good student. He’s interested in astronomy and plays football to please his father. The only thing is, he lives in a poor little border town plagued by unemployment, …

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Stützen der Gesellschaft (1935)

Stützen der Gesellschaft (1935) DVDRip

Director: [Douglas Sirk]
Stars: [ Heinrich George, Maria Krahn, Horst Teetzmann ]
Genres: [Drama ]

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Solino (2002)

Solino (2002) DVDRip

Director: [Fatih Akin]
Stars: [ Barnaby Metschurat, Moritz Bleibtreu, Christian Tasche ]
Genres: [Drama, Comedy]
In the sixties Romano Amato, his wife Rosa and their two sons Giancarlo and Gigi emigrate from Solino in Italy to Duisburg in the Ruhr area and establish the first Pizza restaurant in town….

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Sasha (2010)

Sasha (2010) DVDRip

Director: [Dennis Todorovic]
Stars: [ Sasa Kekez, Predrag Bjelac, Ljubisa Gruicic ]
Genres: [Comedy, Crime, Drama ]
Sasha is a piano prodigy under pressure to gain admittance to a prestigious music school. What is really stressing Sasha is his emerging sexuality, plus his piano tutor is moving away, because Sasha is in love with him, and no one knows.

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