Freedom’s Fury (2006)

Freedom’s Fury 2006 DVDRip

Director: Colin K. Gray 90 min
Stars: Viktor Ageyev Himself
Antal Bolvari Himself
János Bük Himself
Sándor Csoóri Himself
IMDB 7.8 (483)
Genres: Documentary, Sport Encoder : unknown
plot: A documentary on the 1956 Olympic semifinal water polo match between Hungary and Russia. Held in Australia, the match occurred as Russian forces were in Budapest, stomping out a popular revolt.

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Glückliche Fügung (2010)

Glückliche Fügung 2010 DVDRip

Director: Isabelle Stever 90 min
Stars: Annika Kuhl Simone
Stefan Rudolf Hannes
Arno Frisch Herbert
Maria Simon Susa
IMDB 5.4 (65)
Genres: Drama, Romance Encoder : unknown

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The Damned Don’t Cry (1950)

The Damned Don’t Cry 1950 DVDRip

Director: Vincent Sherman 103 min
Stars: Joan Crawford Ethel Whitehead aka Lorna Hansen Forbes
David Brian George Castleman aka Joe Caveny
Steve Cochran Nick Prenta
Kent Smith Martin Blankford
IMDB 7.2 (1,702)
Genres: Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A New York socialite climbs the ladder of success man by man until a life among rich gangsters gives her what she thought she always wanted.

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Holy Ghost People (1967)

Holy Ghost People 1967 DVDRip

Director: Peter Adair 53 min
Stars: Peter Adair Narrator IMDB 7.3 (104)
Genres: Documentary Encoder : unknown
plot: A study on a small Pentecostal congregation in Scrabble Creek, West Virginia.

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The Story on Page One (1959)

The Story on Page One 1959 DVDRip

Director: Clifford Odets 118 min
Stars: Rita Hayworth Josephine Brown/Jo Morris
Anthony Franciosa Victor Santini
Gig Young Larry Ellis
Mildred Dunnock Mrs. Ellis
IMDB 7.1 (337)
Genres: Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: When Jo Morris’ marriage turned sour and heartless, she found sympathy and companionship with widower Larry Ellis…

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Itinéraire bis (2011)

Itinéraire bis 2011 DVDRip

Director: Jean-Luc Perréard 80 min
Stars: Fred Testot Jean
Leïla Bekhti Nora
Jean-François Stévenin Paoli
Catherine Gandois Mme Andria
IMDB 5.1 (299)
Genres: Comedy, Romance Encoder : unknown

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Papagáj (1999)

Papagáj 1999 DVDRip

Director: Gyula Nemes min
Stars: Barna Mihók Uncle Pepin
Gyula Nemes Bohumil
IMDB 6.5 (13)
Genres: Drama Encoder : unknown

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Guilty Hands (1931)

Guilty Hands 1931 DVDRip

Director: W.S. Van Dyke 69 min
Stars: Lionel Barrymore Richard Grant
Kay Francis Marjorie West
Madge Evans Barbara ‘Babs’ Grant
William Bakewell Tommy Osgood
IMDB 7.2 (506)
Genres: Drama, Crime Encoder : unknown
plot: A district attorney commits the perfect murder when he kills his daughter’s womanizing fiancé and then tries framing the fiancé’s lover.

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Rose-Marie (1936)

Rose-Marie 1936 DVDRip

Director: W.S. Van Dyke 113 min
Stars: Jeanette MacDonald Marie de Flor
Nelson Eddy Sergeant Bruce
Reginald Owen R.O. Myerson
Allan Jones Romeo
IMDB 7.1 (932)
Genres: Musical, Romance, Adventure, Drama, Western Encoder : unknown
plot: Opera singer (Marie de Flor) seeks out fugitive brother in the Canadian wilderness. During her trek…

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Lucrezia Borgia (1935)

Lucrezia Borgia 1935 DVDRip

Director: Abel Gance 93 min
Stars: Edwige Feuillère Lucrezia Borgia
Gabriel Gabrio César Borgia
Maurice Escande Jean Borgia, Duke of Gandie
Roger Karl Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI
IMDB 6.0 (165)
Genres: Drama, History, Romance Encoder : unknown
plot: At the end of the 15th Century, Rome is ruled ruthlessly by power mad and sex hungry Cesare Borgia, the eldest son of Pope Alexander VI…

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