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The Walking Deceased (2015)

The Walking Deceased 2015 BRRip 720p

The Walking Deceased 2015 BRRip 1080p

Director: Scott Dow 88 min
Stars: Tim Ogletree Green Bay
Joey Oglesby Chicago
Troy Ogletree Romeo
Dave Sheridan Sheriff Lincoln
IMDB 3.4 (2,661)
Genres: Comedy, Horror Encoder : unknown
plot: When a police officer wakes up in a hospital to find out he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, he will do anything to find his family, even sacrifice Twitter.

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Sweet Home (2015)

Sweet Home 2015 BRRip 720p

Sweet Home 2015 BRRip 1080p

Director: Rafa Martínez 80 min
Stars: Ingrid García Jonsson Alicia
Bruno Sevilla Simon
Oriol Tarrida Homedes (as Oriol Tarrida ‘Tarro’) El Liquidador
Eduardo Lloveras Encapuchado 1
IMDB 5.2 (1,625)
Genres: Horror Encoder : unknown
plot: A young real estate broker is planning a romantic meeting with her boyfriend in an old apartment building. But the couple is forced to fight for their lives, when a group of murderers is trying to kill them.

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Beyond the Mask (2015)

Beyond the Mask 2015 BRRip 720p

Beyond the Mask 2015 BRRip 1080p

Director: Chad Burns 103 min
Stars: Andrew Cheney William Reynolds
John Rhys-Davies Charles Kemp
Kara Killmer Charlotte Holloway
Alan Madlane Ben Franklin
IMDB 5.0 (2,257)
Genres: Action, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: A British East India Trading Company assassin seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against a young nation’s hope for freedom.

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Gotham 2014 complete 480p

Director: 42 min
Stars: Ben McKenzie James Gordon (71 episodes, 2014-2017)
Jada Pinkett Smith Fish Mooney (28 episodes, 2014-2017)
Donal Logue Harvey Bullock (70 episodes, 2014-2017)
Camren Bicondova Selina Kyle (70 episodes, 2014-2017)
IMDB 7.9 (164,070)
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: The story behind Detective James Gordon’s rise to prominence in Gotham City in the years before Batman’s arrival.

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The Confession

The Confession 2011 complete 480p

Director: min
Stars: John Hurt Priest (10 episodes, 2011)
Kiefer Sutherland The Confessor (10 episodes, 2011)
Max Casella Eddie (2 episodes, 2011)
Rosemary De Angelis Woman in Church #2 (2 episodes, 2011)
IMDB 7.8 (4,755)
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A unique story of redemption and an exploration of good and evil featuring a hit man and a priest.

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The Gates

The Gates 2010 complete 480p

Director: 60 min
Stars: Rhona Mitra Claire Radcliff (13 episodes, 2010)
Frank Grillo Nick Monohan (13 episodes, 2010)
Marisol Nichols Sarah Monohan (13 episodes, 2010)
Luke Mably Dylan Radcliff (13 episodes, 2010)
IMDB 7.2 (7,181)
Genres: Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A metropolitan police officer becomes chief of police in a gated suburban neighborhood where vampires, werewolves, witches and other supernatural entities reside.

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Terriers 2010 complete 480p

Director: 45 min
Stars: Donal Logue Hank Dolworth (13 episodes, 2010)
Michael Raymond-James Britt Pollack (13 episodes, 2010)
Laura Allen Katie Nichols (13 episodes, 2010)
Kimberly Quinn Gretchen/Gretchen Adler/Gretchen Seiter (13 episodes, 2010)
IMDB 8.4 (9,373)
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: Ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Hank Dolworth partners with his best friend, former criminal Britt Pollack, in an unlicensed private investigation business.

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The Chicago Code

The Chicago Code 2011 complete 480p

Director: 44 min
Stars: Jason Clarke Jarek Wysocki (13 episodes, 2011)
Jennifer Beals Teresa Colvin (13 episodes, 2011)
Matt Lauria Caleb Evers (13 episodes, 2011)
Devin Kelley Vonda Wysocki (13 episodes, 2011)
IMDB 7.8 (7,417)
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: Detective Jarek Wysocki, one of Chicago’s toughest cops, struggles to clean up the town’s violence and corruption.

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Dollhouse 2009 complete 480p

Director: 44 min
Stars: Eliza Dushku Echo/Caroline Farrell/Alice/Crystal/Esther Carpenter/Jenny/Jordan/Margaret Bashford/Rebecca Mynor/Shauna Vickers/Susan/Taffy (27 episodes, 2009-2010)
Harry Lennix Boyd Langton (27 episodes, 2009-2010)
Fran Kranz Topher Brink (27 episodes, 2009-2010)
Tahmoh Penikett Paul Ballard (27 episodes, 2009-2010)
IMDB 7.7 (41,938)
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A futuristic laboratory assigns different tasks to its various residents, who then have their memories erased upon the completion of their assignments.

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The 4400

The 4400 2004 complete 480p

Director: 43 min
Stars: Jacqueline McKenzie Diana Skouris/Narrator (43 episodes, 2004-2007)
Joel Gretsch Tom Baldwin (42 episodes, 2004-2007)
Patrick John Flueger Shawn Farrell (42 episodes, 2004-2007)
Conchita Campbell Maia Rutledge/Maia Skouris/Maia Rutledge Skouris (42 episodes, 2004-2007)
IMDB 7.4 (38,171)
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: As the reappearance of 4,400 missing persons on a single day confounds the global community, federal agents on the case slowly discover the ways in which the victims have been changed.

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