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Ode to My Father 2014 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 11 GB

Director: JK Youn 126 min
Stars: Jung-min Hwang (as Jeong-min Hwang) Yoon, Duk-soo
Yunjin Kim Youngja
Dal-su Oh Dal-gu
Jin-young Jung Yoon, Jin-gyu
IMDB 7.7 (2,183)
Genres: Drama, Romance, War Encoder : CHD
plot: Amid the time of Korean War, a young boy’s vow to take care of his family marked the beginning of a lifelong promise spanning 60 years.

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Life During Wartime 2009 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: Todd Solondz 98 min
Stars: Shirley Henderson Joy
Allison Janney Trish
Ally Sheedy Helen
Michael Kenneth Williams Allen
IMDB 6.4 (5,940)
Genres: Comedy, Drama Encoder : SADPANDA
plot: Friends, family, and lovers struggle to find love, forgiveness, and meaning in an almost war-torn world riddled with comedy and pathos.

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Il Mare 2000 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 11 GB

Director: Hyun-seung Lee 105 min
Stars: Jung-jae Lee (as Jung-Jae Lee) Han Sung-hyun
Ji-hyun Jun Kim Eun-ju
Mu-saeng Kim
Seung-yeon Jo Jae-hyeok
IMDB 7.7 (6,872)
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Encoder : PbK
plot: Eun-joo moves out of her house “Il Mare”, leaving behind a Christmas card for the eventual new owner of the house in 1999…

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I Love You Phillip Morris 2009 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa 98 min
Stars: Jim Carrey Steven Russell
Ewan McGregor Phillip Morris
Leslie Mann Debbie
Rodrigo Santoro Jimmy
IMDB 6.6 (82,686)
Genres: Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance Encoder : CHD
plot: A cop turns con man once he comes out of the closet. Once imprisoned, he meets the second love of his life, whom he’ll stop at nothing to be with.

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God of War (2017) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 16 GB

Director: [ Gordon Chan ]
Stars: [ Wenzhuo Zhao, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Regina Wan ]
Genres: [Action, History ]
During the 16th century, Japanese pirates proliferate along the Chinese coastline. In 1557, the pirates take over Cengang in Zhejiang. After months of futile advances, Commander Yu (Sammo …

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Girlfriend Boyfriend (2012) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12GB

Director: [Ya-che Yang]
Stars: [ Hsiao-chuan Chang, Lun-Mei Kwei, Rhydian Vaughan ]
Genres: [Drama, Romance ]
When three rebellious students leave their hometown to pursue their lifelong dreams in the big city, their relationships start to face the pressures of real life as the 1980s Taiwanese …

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Far Away, So Close (2013) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [ Masahiko Nagasawa ]
Stars: [ Kana Kurashina, Yûta Nakano, Kana ]
Genres: [Drama ]

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Evan Almighty 2007 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: Tom Shadyac 96 min
Stars: Steve Carell Evan Baxter
Morgan Freeman God
Lauren Graham Joan Baxter
Johnny Simmons Dylan Baxter
IMDB 5.4 (122,280)
Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy Encoder : CHD
plot: God contacts Congressman Evan Baxter and tells him to build an ark in preparation for a great flood.

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Echelon Conspiracy (2009) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12 GB

Director: [Greg Marcks]
Stars: [ Shane West, Edward Burns, Ving Rhames ]
Genres: [Action, Crime, Mystery]
At first, the strange phone messages promised great wealth. Soon, though, government agents pursue the young engineer receiving them around the world.

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Dead Again in Tombstone (2017) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12 GB

Director: [Roel Reiné]
Stars: [ Danny Trejo, Jake Busey, Elysia Rotaru]
Genres: [Western ]
Guerrero returns from the dead once more to protect a stolen relic from getting into the hands of a gang of soldiers, which will ultimately cause hell upon earth.

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