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Love, Simon (2018) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [Greg Berlanti]
Stars: [ Nick Robinson, Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama, Romance]
Simon Spier keeps a huge secret from his family, his friends, and all of his classmates: he’s gay. When that secret is threatened, Simon must face everyone and come to terms with his identity.

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Mia Madre 2015 BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: Nanni Moretti 106 min
Stars: Margherita Buy Margherita
John Turturro Barry Huggins
Giulia Lazzarini Ada
Nanni Moretti Giovanni
IMDB 6.8 (5,459)
Genres: Drama Encoder : SA89
plot: Margherita, a director in the middle of an existential crisis, has to deal with the inevitable and still unacceptable loss of her mother.

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Z for Zachariah 2015 BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: Craig Zobel 98 min
Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor John Loomis
Chris Pine Caleb
Margot Robbie Ann Burden
IMDB 6.0 (22,189)
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Encoder : SA89
plot: In the wake of a disaster that wipes out most of civilization, two men and a young woman find themselves in an emotionally charged love triangle as the last known survivors.

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One Day 2011 BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: Lone Scherfig 107 min
Stars: Anne Hathaway Emma
Jim Sturgess Dexter
Patricia Clarkson Alison
Tom Mison Callum
IMDB 7.0 (117,572)
Genres: Drama, Romance Encoder : SA89
plot: After spending the night together on the night of their college graduation Dexter and Em are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day.

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Joe Versus the Volcano 1990 BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: John Patrick Shanley 102 min
Stars: Tom Hanks Joe
Meg Ryan DeDe/Angelica/Patricia
Lloyd Bridges Graynamore
Robert Stack Dr. Ellison
IMDB 5.7 (29,922)
Genres: Comedy, Romance Encoder : SA89
plot: When a hypochondriac learns that he is dying, he accepts an offer to throw himself in a volcano at a tropical island, and along the way there, learns to truly live.

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Ultimate Avengers II (2006) BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: [ Will Meugniot, Dick Sebast]
Stars: [ Justin Gross, Grey DeLisle, Michael Massee]
Genres: [Animation | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi]
When the Chitauri invaders are sighted in the African kingdom of Wakanda, the Avengers covertly enter the advanced nation to investigate.

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Ultimate Avengers (2006) BluRay 1080p Full HD

Director: [ Curt Geda, Steven E. Gordon]
Stars: [ Justin Gross, Grey DeLisle, Michael Massee ]
Genres: [Animation | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi]
To confront an alien menace, General Fury assembles a team of superheroes lead by a recently resuscitated Captain America.

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