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The Nun (1966) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12 GB

Director: [Jacques Rivette]
Stars: [Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle]
Genres: [ Drama ]
In eighteenth-century France a girl (Suzanne Simonin) is forced against her will to take vows as a nun. Three mothers superior (Madame de Moni, Sister Sainte-Christine, and Madame de …

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Cold Water (1994) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 10 GB

Director: [Olivier Assayas]
Stars: [Virginie Ledoyen, Cyprien Fouquet, László Szabó]
Genres: [ Drama]
A rebellious teenage couple escape the rigid order suffocating them, seeking sanctuary to cultivate their artistic expression and live free.

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Last Year at Marienbad 1961 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: Alain Resnais 94 min
Stars: Delphine Seyrig A – la femme brune
Giorgio Albertazzi X – l’homme à l’accent italien
Sacha Pitoëff M – l’autre homme au visage maigre, le mari
Françoise Bertin Un personnage de l’hôtel
IMDB 7.9 (15,948)
Genres: Drama, Mystery Encoder : DEPTH
plot: In a strange and isolated chateau, a man becomes acquainted with a woman and insists that they have met before.

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Custody (2017) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [Xavier Legrand]
Stars: [ Léa Drucker, Denis Ménochet, Thomas Gioria]
Genres: [Drama]
A broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle with an embattled son at the centre.

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Beauty and the Dogs (2017) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [Kaouther Ben Hania]
Stars: [Mariam Al Ferjani, Ghanem Zrelli, Noomen Hamda ]
Genres: [Crime, Drama, Thriller]
During a student party, Mariam, a young Tunisian woman, meets the mysterious Youssef and leaves with him. A long night will begin, during which she’ll have to fight for her rights and her …

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Beauty and the Beast 1946 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: Jean Cocteau 93 min
Stars: Jean Marais La Bête (The Beast)/The Prince/Avenant
Josette Day Belle
Mila Parély Félicie
Nane Germon Adélaïde
IMDB 8.0 (20,618)
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance Encoder : DEPTH
plot: A beautiful young woman takes her father’s place as the prisoner of a mysterious beast, who wishes to marry her.

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A Ciambra (2017) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: [ Jonas Carpignano ]
Stars: [ Pio Amato, Koudous Seihon, Damiano Amato ]
Genres: [Drama]
In A CIAMBRA, a small Romani community in Calabria, Pio Amato is desperate to grow up fast. At 14, he drinks, smokes and is one of the few to easily slide between the region’s factions – …

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The Scarlet Empress 1934 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 10 GB

Director: Josef von Sternberg 104 min
Stars: Marlene Dietrich Princess Sophia Frederica/Catherine II
John Lodge Count Alexei
Sam Jaffe Grand Duke Peter
Louise Dresser Empress Elizabeth Petrovna
IMDB 7.7 (4,557)
Genres: Drama, History, Romance Release Date: Fri 07 Sep 1934 UTC
plot: Young Princess Sophia of Germany is taken to Russia to marry the half-wit Grand Duke Peter, son of the Empress…

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The Devil Is a Woman (1935) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: [ Josef von Sternberg ]
Stars: [ Marlene Dietrich, Lionel Atwill, Edward Everett Horton]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama, Romance ]
A young man is warned by a captain about a temptress; nonetheless, he finds himself falling in love with her.

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Shanghai Express (1932) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: [Josef von Sternberg]
Stars: [ Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook, Anna May Wong]
Genres: [Adventure, Drama, Romance]
A loose woman rediscovers a former lover during a dangerous train ride to Shanghai.

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