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Nobody Loves Me (1994)

Nobody Loves Me (1994) DVDRip

Director: [Doris Dörrie]
Stars: [ Maria Schrader, Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss, Michael von Au ]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama ]
On the brink of her 30th birthday, Fanny feels the door to marital happiness closing up on her. She is obsessed with death, even visits evening classes on dying and so it seems fitting, …

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The Jodorowsky Constellation (1994)

The Jodorowsky Constellation (1994) DVDRip

Director: [ Louis Mouchet ]
Stars: [ Fernando Arrabal, Peter Gabriel, Alejandro Jodorowsky ]
Genres: [Documentary, Biography]
The quest for the true personality of multi-talented cult artist and psycho-magician Alexandro Jodorowsky

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Amdaeng Muen kab nai Rid (1994)

Amdaeng Muen kab nai Rid (1994) DVDRip

Director: [Cherd Songsri]
Stars: [ Chintara Sukapatana, Ron Rittichai, Duangdao Jarujinda]
Genres: [Drama, Romance]
Based upon a real case under the reign of King Rama II of Thailand, Muen and Rid are passionately in love. However, Muen’s father has promised his daughter to another man. Unable to accept …

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Das Versprechen (1994)

Das Versprechen (1994) DVDRip

Director: [Margarethe von Trotta]
Stars: [ Corinna Harfouch, Meret Becker, August Zirner ]
Genres: [Drama, Romance ]
East-Berlin, 1961, shortly after the erection of the Wall. Konrad, Sophie and three of their friends plan a daring escape to Western Germany. The attempt is successful, except for Konrad, …

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A Confucian Confusion (1994)

A Confucian Confusion (1994) DVDRip

Director: [Edward Yang]
Stars: [ Li-Mei Chen, Shiang-chyi Chen, Yi-wen Chen ]
Genres: [Comedy ]
After firing a colleague, the head of a PR company begins to question her lifestyle and values.

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Sioux City (1994)

Sioux City (1994) BRRip 720p

Director: [Lou Diamond Phillips]
Stars: [ Lou Diamond Phillips, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Melinda Dillon ]  
Genres: [ Drama, Mystery, Thriller ]
A young Lakota Sioux, adopted by a wealthy Jewish couple in Beverly Hills, gets in touch with his cultural roots and solves a mystery in this thriller. Because of his upbringing, Jesse …

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Ein unvergesslicher Sommer (1994)

Ein unvergesslicher Sommer (1994) DVDRip

Director: [ Lucian Pintilie ]
Stars: [ Kristin Scott Thomas, Claudiu Bleont, Olga Tudorache ]
Genres: [Drama, Romance, War]
Romania in the 1920’s. Marie-Thérèse Von Debretsy refuses the advances of her husband’s commanding officer. As a result, the cosmopolitan family is reassigned to a dark and dangerous …

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Die denkwürdigen Abenteuer des Soldaten Iwan Tschonkin (1994)

Die denkwürdigen Abenteuer des Soldaten Iwan Tschonkin (1994) DVDRip

Director: [ Jirí Menzel ]
Stars: [ Gennadiy Nazarov, Zoya Buryak, Vladimir Ilin ]
Genres: [Comedy, Romance, War]
Set in a small Ukrainian village during the outbreak of war with Germany in 1941 Private Chonkin, not overly endowed with intelligence, is left to guard a downed military aircraft. The …

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Without Compassion (1994)

Without Compassion (1994) DVDRip

Director: [Francisco J. Lombardi]
Stars: [ Diego Bertie, Adriana Dávila, Jorge Chiarella]
Genres: [Crime, Drama ]
Based on Dostoyevsky’s ‘Crime and Punishment’: Ramón is a lonely laws student that lives in a rented room and thinks he has committed the perfect crime, but can’t stand the consequences. A story of irrationality, anxiety and suffering.

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Die Fahrt (1994)

Die Fahrt (1994) DVDRip

Director: [ Jan Sverák ]
Stars: [ Anna Geislerová, Radek Pastrnák, Filip Renc ]
Genres: [Comedy, Drama, Romance]
Two guys bought a car and travelled through the country untill they met a lonely girl on the road. So they begin to travel together having so much fun. And there is another guy who has a …

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