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9½ Weeks (1986)

9½ Weeks (1986) BRRip 720p

9½ Weeks (1986) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Adrian Lyne]
Stars: [Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Margaret Whitton]
Genres: [ Drama , Romance]
A woman gets involved in an impersonal affair with a man. She barely knows about his life, only about the sex games they play, so the relationship begins to get complicated.

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Oviri (1986)

Oviri (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Henning Carlsen]
Stars: [Donald Sutherland, Max von Sydow, Jean Yanne]
Genres: [ Biography , Drama]
This biographical film, based on the life of French artist Paul Gauguin (Donald Sutherland), follows the painter as he returns to Paris after a long stay in Tahiti and must confront his …

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Egészséges erotika (1986)

Egészséges erotika (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Péter Tímár]
Stars: [ Ádám Rajhona, Róbert Koltai, Judit Németh]
Genres: [Comedy ]
An all-woman crate factory’s new fireman installs a hidden camera in the women’s dressing room for the male management’s pleasure, eventually boosting business.

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The Horse Thief (1986)

The Horse Thief (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Zhuangzhuang Tian, Peicheng Pan (co-director)]
Stars: [Daiba, Jiji Dan, Drashi]
Genres: [ Drama]
The story of Norbu, a horse thief, who is thrown out of his tribe in an effort to purge it of evil. Norbu repents after the birth of his son, but he is forced to steal again after the birth…

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The Pied Piper (1986)

The Pied Piper (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Jirí Barta]
Stars: [Oldrich Kaiser, Jirí Lábus, Michal Pavlícek]
Genres: [ Animation , Fantasy , Horror]
The story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin with a twist.

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The Decline of the American Empire (1986)

The Decline of the American Empire (1986) BRRip 720p

Director: [Denys Arcand]
Stars: [Dominique Michel, Dorothée Berryman, Louise Portal]  
Genres: [ Comedy , Drama]
Sexual revelations emerge when a group of academics and their partners spend a weekend at a country retreat.

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Resting Place (1986)

Resting Place (1986) BRRip 720p

Resting Place (1986) BRRip 1080p

Director: [John Korty]
Stars: [John Lithgow, Richard Bradford, Morgan Freeman]  
Genres: [ Drama ]
The mysterious death of an army officer comes under investigation by Major Kendall Laird as the young soldier’s parents seek an honorable burial place, out of respect for their son. The …

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Malandro (1986)

Malandro (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Ruy Guerra]
Stars: [Edson Celulari, Claudia Ohana, Elba Ramalho]
Genres: [Comedy, Musical]
In 1941, Brazilian government was aligned with Nazi movement, in spite of being against the popular desire. In Lapa (Rio de Janeiro), the rascal, pimp and smuggler Max Overseas explores the…

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Night of the Pencils (1986)

Night of the Pencils (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Héctor Olivera]
Stars: [ Alejo García Pintos, Vita Escardó, Pablo Novak]
Genres: [Crime, Drama, History ]
This films tells the true story of seven teenagers who agitated for reduced student bus fares under two different regimes in Argentina, with tragic results. At first succeeding under the …

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Love Me Forever or Never (1986)

Love Me Forever or Never (1986) DVDRip

Director: [Arnaldo Jabor]
Stars: [Fernanda Torres, Thales Pan Chacon]
Genres: [ Drama ]
Young and recently separated couple meet in a modern house and start discussing their past relationship.

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