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Assault on the Pay Train (1962)

Assault on the Pay Train (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Roberto Farias]
Stars: [Eliezer Gomes, Reginaldo Faria, Jorge Dória]
Genres: [Crime, Drama]
Film about the true events in Rio de Janeiro, in 1960, when a gang having the infamous outlaw Tião Medonho as a leader performed a sensational railroad hold-up on a train carrying a small fortune.

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Flooded Out (1962)

Flooded Out (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Fernando Birri]
Stars: [Pirucho Gómez, Lola Palombo, María Vera]
Genres: [Comedy]

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Couro de Gato (1962)

Couro de Gato (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Joaquim Pedro de Andrade]
Stars: [Paulinho, Riva Nimitz, Henrique César]
Genres: [Documentary, Short]
A few weeks before Carnival, slum boys organize huntings for stray cats, whose leather can be used in Samba percussion instruments, like the Tamborim, a small drum.

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Alone or with Others (1962)

Alone or with Others (1962) BRRip 720p

Director: [Denys Arcand, Denis Héroux ]
Stars: [Michelle Boulizon, Nicole Braun, André Dubois]  
Genres: [Drama]
La rentrée à l’Université de Montréal en 1961. Aujourd’hui, ce film produit un effet similaire au travail photographique, à savoir, faire sortir du néant les ombres de la réalité. ‘Seul ou …

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The Given Word (1962)

The Given Word (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Anselmo Duarte]
Stars: [ Leonardo Villar, Glória Menezes, Dionísio Azevedo]
Genres: [Drama ]
A simple yet devout Christian makes a vow to Saint Barbara after she saves his donkey, but everyone he meets seems determined to misunderstand his intentions. Will he be able to keep his promise in the end?

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Mandacaru Vermelho (1962)

Mandacaru Vermelho (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Nelson Pereira dos Santos]
Stars: [Mozart Cintra, Ivan De Souza, Luiz Paulino Dos Santos]
Genres: [ Drama]
Despite being promised to another man, a young orphaned woman falls in love with man working at the farm she lives in , and together they escape. According tradition in Northeast Brazil, her aunt goes after them, in order to kill them for revenge.

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Barravento (1962)

Barravento (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Glauber Rocha]
Stars: [ Antonio Pitanga, Luiza Maranhão, Lucy de Carvalho]
Genres: [Drama ]
In the State of Bahia, Brazil, an educated black man returns to his home fishing village to try and free people from mysticism, in particular the Candomblé religion, which he considers a …

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Setenta veces siete (1962)

Setenta veces siete (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Leopoldo Torre Nilsson ]
Stars: [Isabel Sarli, Francisco Rabal, Jardel Filho]
Genres: [ Drama ]
Melodrama about a prostitute who remembers her ill-fated romances.

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The Inn on the River (1962)

The Inn on the River (1962) BRRip 720p

The Inn on the River (1962) BRRip 1080p

Director: Alfred Vohrer 92 min
Stars: Joachim Fuchsberger (as Joachim Berger) Insp. Wade
Brigitte Grothum Leila Smith
Elisabeth Flickenschildt (as Elisabeth Flick) Nelly Oaks
Klaus Kinski Gregor Gubanow
IMDB 6.4 (631)
Genres: Crime, Drama
plot: A serial killer named The Shark is terrorizing London by killing his victims with a speargun and then…

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The Old Young People (1962)

The Old Young People (1962) DVDRip

Director: [Rodolfo Kuhn]
Stars: [María Vaner, Alberto Argibay, Marcela López Rey]
Genres: [Drama]

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