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A Romany Spy (1912)

A Romany Spy (1912) DVDRip

Director: [ Urban Gad ]
Stars: [ Asta Nielsen, Paul Meffert, Max Wogritsch]
Genres: [ Short, Thriller]
Gypsy girl Zidra falls in love with the lieutenant she is supposed to spy on. When the sordidness of her mission dawns on her, she kills herself in order to save the life of her own true love.

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The Independence of Romania (1912)

The Independence of Romania (1912) DVDRip

Director: [Aristide Demetriade]
Stars: [ Aristide Demetriade, Constanta Demetriade, Constantin Nottara ]
Genres: [History, War ]
The movie depicts the Romanian War of Independence (1877-1878).

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La dramatique passion d’Algabert et d’Élisabeth de Rodembourg (1912)

La dramatique passion d’Algabert et d’Élisabeth de Rodembourg (1912) DVDRip

Director: [Alfred Machin]
Stars: [Léon Mathot]
Genres: [Short, Drama]

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Le secret de l’acier (1912)

Le secret de l’acier (1912) DVDRip

Director: [Alfred Machin]
Stars: [Léon Mathot ]
Genres: [Short]
A steel worker is told by his girl friend, that she only wants to marry a rich man. A foreign spy hears this and offers him money if he gives him the formula of the new steel he’s working …

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De molens die juichen en weenen (1912)

De molens die juichen en weenen (1912) DVDRip

Director: [Alfred Machin]
Stars: [ Jacques Vandenne, Maurice Mathieu, Germaine Dury]
Genres: [ Short ]
A hobo takes revenge to a miller who didn’t give him something to eat.

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The Water-Funker (1912)

The Water-Funker (1912) BRRip 720p

The Water-Funker (1912) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Max Linder]
Stars: [ Max Linder, Lucy d’Orbel ]
Genres: [ Short, Comedy ]
Max and Dora, his fiancée, are together with some friends, playing at tennis. Dora wearies of this, and, dilating on the pleasures of a dip in the briny, leaves the tennis court, and makes …

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Love Unconquerable (1912)

Love Unconquerable (1912) BRRip 720p

Love Unconquerable (1912) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Max Linder]
Stars: [ Max Linder, Stacia Napierkowska, Georges Gorby ]
Genres: [Short, Comedy, Romance ]
Max Linder again to the fore as a lover who undertakes to convince Papa that Max is the son-in-law he is going to have. Of course, the girl has decided that no one will do but Max, and with…

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Entente cordiale (1912)


Entente cordiale (1912) BRRip 720p

Entente cordiale (1912) BRRip 1080p

Director: [Max Linder]
Stars: [

Max Linder, Jane Renouardt, Stacia Napierkowska ]

Genres: [Short, Comedy, Fantasy]
Max and his friend, who came to visit him in Paris both fall in love with his new maid. The girl is very friendly, and while one plays the piano, she dances with the other – and they are so happy that even the decor dances at the rhythm.

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The Unusual Honeymoon (1912)


The Unusual Honeymoon (1912) BRRip 720p

Director: [James Young]
Stars: [ Charles Edwards, Flora Finch, Rose Tapley ]
Genres: [Comedy, Short]
Newly married Thomas and Mary MacGregor attend the village fair on their honeymoon. The balloon ascension is advertised for the afternoon. Everything is in readiness and Mary induces Thomas…

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Trädgårdsmästaren (1912)

Trädgårdsmästaren 1912 DVDRip

Director: Victor Sjöström min
Stars: Victor Sjöström The Gardener
Gösta Ekman The Gardener’s son
Lili Beck (as Lili Bech) Young Woman
Gunnar Bohman
IMDB 6.4 (122)
Genres: Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: A gardener runs a nursery. His son has fallen in love with the daughter of one of the workers at the nursery. The gardener, who has a good eye for daughter, runs furiously his son out of the house.

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