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The Mill (1909)

The Mill (1909) DVDRip

Director: [Alfred Machin]
Stars: [Pitje Ambreville, Berryer, Mademoiselle Saunières]
Genres: [Short, Drama, Romance]
Dutch girl Johanna loves poor Joachim, but marries the weathy Miller. When the miller finds out, he takes revenge.

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A Set of Teeth (1909)

A Set of Teeth 1909 DVDRip

Director: Émile Cohl 3 min
Stars: Max Linder IMDB 4.9 (120)
Genres: Short, Comedy Encoder : unknown
plot: Mother-in-law has been presented with a new set of false teeth, the gift of her son-in-law. The teeth are much admired by the family…

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Edgar Allan Poe (1909)

Edgar Allan Poe 1909 DVDRip

Director: D.W. Griffith 7 min
Stars: Barry O’Moore (as Herbert Yost) Edgar Allan Poe
Linda Arvidson Virginia Poe
Clara T. Bracy
Anita Hendrie Second Publisher’s Wife
IMDB 6.0 (263)
Genres: Short, Biography, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: The story, while not biographical, is founded on incidents in his life, showing his devotion for his sick wife…

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