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The Dancing Pig (1907)

The Dancing Pig 1907 DVDRip

Director: 4 min
Stars: IMDB 6.4 (543)
Genres: Comedy, Short Encoder : unknown
plot: A humongous and obese anthropomorphic swine dressed like a fine gentleman in a fancy dinner attire tries to make a pass at a solitary lady having a picnic.

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Satan at Play (1907)

Satan at Play 1907 DVDRip

Director: Segundo de Chomón 9 min
Stars: Julienne Mathieu IMDB 5.9 (111)
Genres: Short, Horror Encoder : unknown
plot: In an unnamed place, his majesty Satan is bored. Despite his servants exertions, nothing can be found to cheer him up.

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Lion Hunting (1907)

Lion Hunting 1907 DVDRip

Director: Viggo Larsen 10 min
Stars: Axel Graatkjær (as A. Sørensen)
Viggo Larsen Løvejæger
Knud Lumbye Løvejæger
William Thomsen Black Bearer
IMDB 4.9 (126)
Genres: Drama, Short, Adventure Encoder : unknown

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