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All Saints 2017 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: Steve Gomer 108 min
Stars: Cara Buono Aimee Spurlock
Barry Corbin Forrest
John Corbett Michael Spurlock
David Keith Boyd
IMDB 5.7 (489)
Genres: Drama Encoder : DRONES
plot: When a group of Burmese refugees join the congregation, the pastor of a failing Anglican church attempts to aid them by planting crops and enlisting the help of the community.

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The Yards (2000) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 9 GB

Director: [James Gray]
Stars: [ Mark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix, Charlize Theron]  
Genres: [Crime | Drama | Romance | Thriller]
In the rail yards of Queens, contractors repair and rebuild the city’s subway cars. These contracts are lucrative, so graft and corruption are rife. When Leo Handler gets out of prison, he …

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The Three Musketeers 1993 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 11 GB

Director: Stephen Herek 105 min
Stars: Charlie Sheen Aramis
Kiefer Sutherland Athos
Chris O’Donnell D’Artagnan
Oliver Platt Porthos
IMDB 6.4 (43,878)
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance Encoder : AMIABLE
plot: The three best of the disbanded Musketeers – Athos, Porthos, and Aramis – join a young hotheaded would-be-Musketeer…

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The Railway Children 1970 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: Lionel Jeffries 109 min
Stars: Dinah Sheridan (as Miss Dinah Sheridan) Mrs. Waterbury
Bernard Cribbins (as Mr. Bernard Cribbins) Albert Perks
William Mervyn (as Mr. William Mervyn) Old Gentleman
Iain Cuthbertson (as Mr. Iain Cuthbertson) Charles Waterbury
IMDB 7.4 (3,169)
Genres: Family, Drama Encoder : CiNEFiLE
plot: After the enforced absence of their father, three children move with their mother to Yorkshire, where during their adventures they attempt to discover the reason for his disappearance.

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The Last Picture Show 1971 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: Peter Bogdanovich 118 min
Stars: Timothy Bottoms Sonny Crawford
Jeff Bridges Duane Jackson
Cybill Shepherd Jacy Farrow
Ben Johnson Sam the Lion
IMDB 8.1 (34,204)
Genres: Drama Encoder : CiNEFiLE
plot: In 1951, a group of high schoolers come of age in a bleak, isolated, atrophied West Texas town that is slowly dying, both culturally and economically.

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The Interpreter 2005 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12 GB

Director: Sydney Pollack 128 min
Stars: Nicole Kidman Silvia Broome
Sean Penn Tobin Keller
Catherine Keener Dot Woods
Jesper Christensen Nils Lud
IMDB 6.4 (89,715)
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller Encoder : CHD
plot: Political intrigue and deception unfold inside the United Nations, where a U.S. Secret Service agent is assigned to investigate an interpreter who overhears an assassination plot.

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Piku 2015 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 8 GB

Director: Shoojit Sircar 123 min
Stars: Amitabh Bachchan Bhaskor Banerjee
Deepika Padukone Piku
Irrfan Khan (as Irrfan) Rana
Moushumi Chatterjee Chhobi Maashi
IMDB 7.6 (20,447)
Genres: Comedy, Drama Encoder : CHD
plot: A quirky comedy about the relationship between a daughter and her aging father, whose eccentricities drive everyone crazy.

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Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) 3D BluRay 1080p Full HD | 14 GB

Director: [Steven S. DeKnight]
Stars: [John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny ]
Genres: [Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi ]
Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, reunites with Mako Mori to lead a new generation of Jaeger pilots, including rival Lambert and 15-year-old hacker Amara, against a new Kaiju threat.

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Mr. Nobody 2009 BluRay 1080p Full HD | 12 GB

Director: Jaco Van Dormael 141 min
Stars: Jared Leto Nemo Adult/Old Nemo
Sarah Polley Adult Elise
Diane Kruger Anna Adult
Linh Dan Pham (as Linh-Dan Pham) Adult Jean
IMDB 7.9 (174,255)
Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi Encoder : EPiC
plot: A boy stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or stay with his father? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible.

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Mirageman (2007) BluRay 1080p Full HD | 6.6 GB

Director: [Ernesto Díaz Espinoza]
Stars: [ Marko Zaror, María Elena Swett, Ariel Mateluna ]
Genres: [Action, Comedy, Crime ]
A club bouncer with a dark past and great fighting skills decides to become a superhero.

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