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Littleman (2006)

Littleman 2006 BRRip 720p

Littleman 2006 BRRip 1080p

Director: Keenen Ivory Wayans 98 min
Stars: Shawn Wayans Darryl
Marlon Wayans Calvin
Kerry Washington Vanessa
John Witherspoon Pops
IMDB 4.3 (42,876)
Genres: Comedy, Crime Release Date: Fri 14 Jul 2006 UTC
plot: A wannabe dad mistakes a vertically challenged criminal on the lam as his newly adopted son.

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Krazzy 4 (2008)

Krazzy 4 2008 BRRip 720p

Director: Jaideep Sen 110 min
Stars: Juhi Chawla Dr. Sonali R. Sanyal
Irrfan Khan Dr. Mukherjee
Arshad Warsi Raja
Rajpal Yadav Gangadhar
IMDB 4.1 (1,676)
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama Release Date: Fri 11 Apr 2008 UTC
plot: 4 mental patients formulate the plan to rescue their kidnapped doctor and teach the kidnappers a lesson.

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Kabhie Kabhie (1976)

Kabhie Kabhie 1976 BRRip 720p

Director: Yash Chopra 177 min
Stars: Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Malhotra
Shashi Kapoor Vijay Khanna
Rakhee Gulzar Pooja Khanna
Waheeda Rehman Anjali Malhotra
IMDB 7.5 (1,524)
Genres: Drama, Family, Romance Release Date: Fri 27 Feb 1976 UTC
plot: Kabhi Kabhie is a movie about the love story of generations and how a chain of events brings together old lovers as friends.

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How to Hook Up Your Home Theater (2007)

How to Hook Up Your Home Theater 2007 BRRip 720p

Director: Kevin Deters, Stevie Wermers 6 min
Stars: Corey Burton Narrator (voice)
Bill Farmer Goofy (voice)
IMDB 7.3 (1,509)
Genres: Animation, Short, Comedy, Family Release Date: Fri 21 Dec 2007 UTC
plot: Goofy tries to set up his new home theater in time for the big game, with disastrous results.

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Home of the Brave (2006)

Home of the Brave 2006 BRRip 720p

Home of the Brave 2006 BRRip 1080p

Director: Irwin Winkler 106 min
Stars: Samuel L. Jackson Will Marsh
50 Cent (as Curtis Jackson) Jamal Aiken
Jessica Biel Vanessa Price
Brian Presley Tommy Yates
IMDB 5.6 (9,695)
Genres: Action, Drama, War Release Date: Thu 01 Mar 2007 UTC
plot: Three soldiers struggle to readjust to life at home after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq.

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George Carlin: Playin’ with Your Head (1986)

George Carlin: Playin’ with Your Head 1986 DVDRip

Director: Rocco Urbisci 60 min
Stars: George Carlin Himself/Mike Holder
Rick Ducommun The Bad Guys
Anthony James The Bad Guys
Vic Tayback The Bad Guys
IMDB 8.2 (1,341)
Genres: Documentary, Comedy Release Date: Fri 02 May 1986 UTC
plot: Legendary comedian George Carlin tackles some of his favorite subjects along with his brand of comedy and humor.

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Fida (2004)

Fida 2004 BRRip 720p

Fida 2004 BRRip 1080p

Director: Ken Ghosh 122 min
Stars: Kareena Kapoor Khan (as Kareena Kapoor) Neha Verma
Fardeen Khan Vikram Singh
Shahid Kapoor Jai Malhotra
Kim Sharma Sonia
IMDB 5.5 (1,945)
Genres: Drama, Romance, Thriller Release Date: Fri 20 Aug 2004 UTC
plot: Fida tells the story of Jai who one day happen to meet a young and beautiful woman called Neha and he falls in love with her at first sight…

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Everest (1998)

Everest 1998 DVDRip

Director: David Breashears, Stephen Judson 44 min
Stars: Liam Neeson Himself – Narrator (voice)
Lhakpa Dorji Summit Team, sherpa
Dorje Sherpa Summit Team, sherpa
Ed Viesturs Summit Team Leader, USA
IMDB 7.1 (2,930)
Genres: Documentary, Short Release Date: Fri 06 Mar 1998 UTC
plot: An international team of climbers ascends Mt. Everest in the spring of 1996. The film depicts their lengthy preparations for the climb…

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Dragons Forever (1988)

Dragons Forever 1988 BRRip 720p

Director: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Corey Yuen 102 min
Stars: Jackie Chan Jackie Lung
Sammo Kam-Bo Hung (as Samo Hung) Luke Wong Fei-hung
Biao Yuen Timothy Tung Tak-Biao
Pauline Yeung Nancy Lee
IMDB 7.3 (5,862)
Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance Release Date: Thu 11 Feb 1988 UTC
plot: Three successful Hong Kong lawyers are hired by a chemical company of questionable ethics and must eventually make a difficult decision when their employer’s motives become clear.

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Double Dhamaal (2011)

Double Dhamaal 2011 DVDRip

Director: Indra Kumar 138 min
Stars: Sanjay Dutt Kabir Nayak
Javed Jaffrey (as Jaaved Jaafery) Manav Shrivastav/Jojo
Riteish Deshmukh Deshbandhu Roy/Tukaram
Mallika Sherawat Kamini
IMDB 3.8 (2,572)
Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama Release Date: Fri 01 Jul 2011 UTC
plot: Four slackers decide to avenge their humiliation at the hands of a con-man.

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