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The Colombian Connection (2011)

The Colombian Connection 2011 BRRip 720p

The Colombian Connection 2011 BRRip 1080p

Director: Julian Higgins 100 min
Stars: Robert Thorne Jack Hooks
Tom Sizemore Frank Rossi
Bertie Higgins Mike Tragos
Bianca Malinowski Elena
IMDB 3.9 (231)
Genres: Action, Crime, Mystery Encoder : unknown
plot: The year is 1976 and it is a dangerous year in the Straits of Yucatan. The man is Jack Hooks, a former…

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Black Magic (2011)

Black Magic 2011 BRRip 720p

Black Magic 2011 BRRip 1080p

Director: Keoni Waxman 89 min
Stars: Steven Seagal Elijah Kane
Meghan Ory Juliet
Warren Christie Radner
William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart Andre Mason
IMDB 5.5 (124)
Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: A “Black Magic” killer is on the loose, murdering dancers that eerily fit new cop Sarah Montgomery’s (Sarah Lind) description.

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Bad Behaviour (2010)

Bad Behaviour 2010 BRRip 720p

Bad Behaviour 2010 BRRip 1080p

Director: Joseph Sims-Dennett 90 min
Stars: John Jarratt Ricky
Lindsay Farris Peterson
Dwaine Stevenson Mark
Robert Coleby Clive
IMDB 3.9 (134)
Genres: Horror, Thriller Encoder : unknown
plot: Emma and Peterson encounter their fierce predator Voyte Parker, a cop confronts his son’s murderer, and a man finds his wife is cheating on him. Intersecting story lines; murderers, coppers, teachers and teenagers.

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3 Holiday Tails (2011)

3 Holiday Tails 2011 BRRip 720p

3 Holiday Tails 2011 BRRip 1080p

Director: Joe Menendez 88 min
Stars: Julie Gonzalo Lisa Haynes
Kelly Stables Kelly Jansen
K.C. Clyde David Bennett
Alley Mills Katherine Wright
IMDB 5.8 (434)
Genres: Comedy, Family, Romance Encoder : unknown
plot: Old flames reunite and sparks are reignited at Christmastime in Florida, but the man is already engaged to another woman so a recently retired couple try to intervene with the help of their dogs.

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Fleming (2014)

Fleming 2014 BRRip 720p

Fleming 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: 44 min
Stars: Dominic Cooper Ian Fleming (4 episodes, 2014)
Lara Pulver Ann O’Neill (4 episodes, 2014)
Samuel West Rear Admiral John Godfrey (4 episodes, 2014)
Anna Chancellor Second Officer Monday (4 episodes, 2014)
IMDB 7.4 (4,014)
Genres: Biography, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: Look at the 007 creator, Ian Fleming, and his early life set against the permissive society of war-torn WWII London.

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Babylon (2014)

Babylon 2014 BRRip 720p

Babylon 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: Jon S. Baird, Danny Boyle 95 min
Stars: Nick Blood Warwick (7 episodes, 2014)
Andrew Brooke Banjo (7 episodes, 2014)
Bertie Carvel Finn (7 episodes, 2014)
Cavan Clerkin Clarkey (7 episodes, 2014)
IMDB 7.0 (1,751)
Genres: Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: A look at the people in charge and on the front lines of a contemporary police force.

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Wolf Hall (2014)

Wolf Hall 2015 BRRip 720p

Wolf Hall 2015 BRRip 1080p

Director: 360 min
Stars: Mark Rylance Thomas Cromwell (6 episodes, 2015)
Damian Lewis Henry VIII (6 episodes, 2015)
Claire Foy Anne Boleyn (6 episodes, 2015)
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Rafe Sadler (6 episodes, 2015)
IMDB 8.1 (7,041)
Genres: Drama, History Encoder : unknown
plot: After the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey, his secretary, Thomas Cromwell, finds himself amongst the treachery and intrigue of King Henry VIII’s court and soon becomes a close advisor to the King, a role fraught with danger.

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37 Days (2014)

37 Days 2014 BRRip 720p

37 Days 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: 60 min
Stars: Ian McDiarmid Edward Grey (3 episodes, 2014)
Nicholas Farrell Eyre Crowe (3 episodes, 2014)
Tim Pigott-Smith Herbert Henry Asquith (3 episodes, 2014)
Sinéad Cusack Margot Asquith (3 episodes, 2014)
IMDB 8.2 (1,037)
Genres: History Encoder : unknown
plot: A TV mini-series that unveils the behind-closed-doors story of the final weeks before the outbreak of World War I.

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Hidden Kingdoms (2014)

Hidden Kingdoms 2014 BRRip 720p

Hidden Kingdoms 2014 BRRip 1080p

Director: Simon Bell 177 min
Stars: Stephen Fry Narrator (3 episodes, 2014)
Simon Bell Himself (1 episodes, 2014)
IMDB 8.2 (598)
Genres: Documentary Encoder : unknown
plot: This is a series about the tiny animals of the forest and jungles. Seen from their perspective, we experience a life where almost everything is a giant.

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Twisted Justice (2016)

Twisted Justice 2016 BRRip 720p

Twisted Justice 2016 BRRip 1080p

Director: Kazuya Shiraishi 135 min
Stars: Gô Ayano Moroboshi
Young Dais Yamanobe Taro
Haruna Yabuki Tasako Yuki
Leon Shibli Ahmad Ali
IMDB 6.5 (117)
Genres: Crime, Drama Encoder : unknown
plot: In this story of a good cop going rogue, we travel with Yoichi Moroboshi from his university student…

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